About HendyBe

HendyBe Biotech

HendyBe Biotech Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing, an advanced city in China. As a modern comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and service, HendyBe’s production scope covers nutritional gummies, soft capsules, powders, sports nutrition, etc., and is an OEM manufacturer on healthy and nutritious food with international level.

High Standard Equipment Mode

It provides a solid guarantee for excellent product quality that we possess 15,000 square meters of GMP standardized clean workshops, Class 100,000 clean workshops, and 500 square meters of high-standard laboratories.
The production line of German gel gummy is introduced, and the annual production capacity of functional gummy can reach to 20,000 tons. Gummy drying adopts 8 online control drying room systems to accurately control moisture and improve product taste. At the same time, it is also equipped with dozens of pillow packaging production lines and bottled automatic production lines, which can realize various forms of packaging.

Technics & Quality Management

The company has a R&D, technology, QA, and QC team of more than 20 people, capable of independent research and development, actively exploring new product areas, and conducting innovative technology research. In addition, HendyBe also has years of OEM processing experience, a standardized production management system, and automated precise control.

Customization Advantages

HendyBe and partners jointly develop product solutions and provide each customer with a complete customized service. From product composition to shape and color, packaging design to logistics and distribution, HendyBe has complete supply chain management to support various order forms to improve customer satisfaction.
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Production Advantages

We mainly produce nutritious gums and various supplements, adding appropriate amounts of minerals or vitamins, natural animal and plant extracts, natural fruit juices and other nutrients. After boiling and pouring, they are made into nutritional products with different shapes and rich textures.

Why Choose HendyBe


Ingredients, shapes, colors, flavors,sugar content and dosage forms.

Packaging Design

We can design outer packaging, logo and pattern for you.

Samples 3 days

You will get air-shipped samples ASAP without waiting too long.

Ready to ship 7-15 days

They can be shipped out around 7 days if your target products are in stock.

OEM 20-45 days

Start your business now. We will let you get customized products faster.

Export to 190 countries

No worries, our products can be delivered to almost any corner of the world.

Over 20 engineers

Our awesome engineers will manage to solve difficulties in customization.

15 yrs of trade career

We are able to offer you professional service in the shortest time.

Purchasing Steps

Start refresh now!!! Hurry up and send us an inquiry. We have round-the-clock service and can provide fast and professional services. If you order a little bit more, we will give away samples for free.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@hendybe.com”